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The Davis Trailer World Hitch and Towing Guide


At this point, you should have gotten through most of our towing and safety tips, purchased and installed the right equipment, and attached your trailer to the hitch securely. It is now time to hit the road! The good news is that if you followed our recommendations, you are already well on your way to towing your trailer smoothly and safely. We put together a few extra tips to help make your towing more comfortable.

Be Patient

Your vehicle will not perform the same when you are towing, and that can be frustrating-  especially if you are behind schedule. You will need to allow for extra time to get to your destination. Everything will take a little longer – longer to brake, longer to speed up, more time to go up steep inclines, you get the picture. Set your mind to this and it will be a much less frustrating adventure.

Use Forethought

If there’s one thing that will make you a better driver it is forethought, and that is especially true for towing. It is crucial that you try to anticipate things before they happen. If you wait until things happen and aren’t mentally prepared, it is likely that you won’t have the maneuverability to deal with the circumstances. 

This also applies to parking your trailer or stopping for fuel or food. Make sure that you don’t pull into a place where you don’t have room to turn around – especially if you are not that comfortable with backing up your trailer.



The Davis Hitch and Towing Buyer’s Guide is a great place to begin learning about how select the proper equipment and to safely tow a trailer or vehicle. If you find that you have additional questions please contact us at: 1.800.693.2184