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Aluminum Trailers Vs. Steel Trailers

Steel trailer? Aluminum trailer? Are you wondering which trailer is the right option for you? We are here to help by giving you unbiased information. Seriously. Just the facts to help you make an informed decision.

Belmont Tandam Axle Utility Trailer UT612-TAPros of a Steel Trailer:

  • Cost effective
  • More simplified repairs-many can be done by homeowners (in many cases)
  • Variety (i.e. not all trailers are made out of aluminum)
  • Stronger material
  • Color options/choices
  • Wood floors (as many have) are replaceable and strong

Cons of a Steel Trailer:

  • Heavier trailer (trailer weight)
  • Rust and corrosion (especially in winter months)
  • Wood floor (as many have) needs to be sealed and/or replaced
  • Paint costs
  • Resale value is less than aluminum

Pros of an Aluminum Trailer:

  • **No rust or corrosion** (on aluminum components ONLY)
  • Lightweight, in turn allows for higher load capacity
  • Resale value is much higher than steel
  • Many aluminum trailer companies have a longer trailer warranty
  • Typically has more features and better components
  • Perfect for towing behind small vehicles
  • Lasts longer
  • Very large variety of sizes, specifically in utility trailers

Cons of an Aluminum Trailer:

  • More expensive
  • More challenging repairs/welding etc.
  • Acid wash is recommended as an additional piece of maintenance
  • The aluminum can be stained, especially with a lot of use
  • Aluminum floors can dent and are not easily replaced

When it comes down to it, your needs and satisfaction in your experience and purchase is our number one priority! Please contact us with any further questions, pricing and options for your next new trailer. We would love to earn your trust and business.

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