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The Davis Trailer World Hitch and Towing Guide


If you are towing a small utility trailer around town, you may not need a brake controller or a weight distribution hitch, but if you are towing something heavier there are a few things that will make towing your trailer much more manageable and safe.

Weight distribution hitches and sway control.

Weight Distribution Hitches

A weight distribution hitch is a heavy duty hitch assembly that locks in your trailer in a much more secure manner and distributes the weight of your trailer more evenly. Weight distribution hitches can help correct a sagging vehicle, allow you to tow at your vehicles maximum capacity and help control the steering and stopping. These often include sway bars which help with your sway control.

Sway Control 

When you are towing a recreational vehicle they have the tendency to sway back and forth. This creates an uncomfortable and often hazardous driving condition, especially with strong gusts of wind and passing trucks. Manufacturers make sway controls that mount to your hitch or your vehicles frame but we often recommend getting a weight distribution with the sway control attached like the Equalizer 4K.  

Is a Weight Distribution Hitch Necessary?

We get asked this quite a bit. If the vehicle you are towing is over 50% weight of the towing vehicle then it is highly recommended. If you are towing a small trailer for short distances then it is probably fine without one. 

Once you have towed with a weight distribution hitch and sway bar, you will likely never tow a trailer without one again. 


We would love to get you the information you need to get you on the road safely. Give us a call at 1-800-2184 to discuss the weight distribution hitch and sway control options for your vehicle.

What is a Brake Controller?

A Brake controller is a device that makes the connection between your vehicle and your trailer and activates your trailer brakes when you press the brake pedal. There are a few different types of controllers – the proportional brake controller and the time delayed brake controller.

Proportional Brake Controller

A proportional brake controller automatically senses when your trailer speeds up and slows down. It will mimic what you do with your brake pedal. If you slam your brakes the trailer will also brake with that intensity.

Time Delayed Brake Pedal

A time delayed controller applies the brake on a time delay in a pre-determined way that you pre-set. 


Do I Need a Brake Controller?

When it comes to trailers and the safety of you and your family, we don’t cut corners. We always recommend a brake controller whenever possible. The few exceptions are if you trailer doesn’t have brakes and if you are also towing something lightweight.

Adding Trailer Brakes

If your trailer doesn’t currently have brakes, but you will be towing something heavy for a long distance or up and down hills, we recommend looking into adding brakes to your axles. If you are handy, you can do it yourself, otherwise any reputable trailer service shop can do it.

Time Delayed Brake Pedal

A time delayed controller applies the brake on a time delay in a pre-determined way that you pre-set.

Would you like to learn what brake controllers work with your vehicle?

We would love to get you the information you need to get you on the road safely. Give us a call at 1-800-2184 to discuss the brake controller options for your vehicle.

The Davis Hitch and Towing Buyer’s Guide is a great place to begin learning about how select the proper equipment and to safely tow a trailer or vehicle. If you find that you have additional questions please contact us at: 1.800.693.2184
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