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Frequently Asked Trailer Questions:


“Will my trailer have brakes on it?”

By NYS Law, a trailer MUST have brakes if the trailer weighs over 1000 pounds (empty) OR it’s GVW (gross vehicle rating) is set for over 3000 pounds. If your trailer is tandem axle (has 2 axles) it will automatically have brakes on both axles. Some states DO NOT follow this law, but any trailer purchased from DTW will abide to the most up to date laws to keep you legal and SAFE!

**Please remember that if your trailer has brakes, you are required to have a brake controller in your vehicle!!**

“Will my trailer have a NYS title?”

Again, NYS requires trailers that weigh (empty) over 1000 pounds OR have a GVW of 3000 and above to be issued a NYS Title. This is considered a TRL. If your trailer does not meet either of these requirements, you will be issued a transferable registration. In this case, you use the registration to transfer ownership, not the title. This is considered a LTR.  NYS Titles are a $50 fee.

“Do I have to go to DMV?”

NO! We are full service at DTW! That means, we take care of all the tedious DMV paperwork, we issue you plates (or transfer your current plates), and inspect your new trailer (NYS Registrations ONLY). All you will have to do is sign your name in a few places. When you leave with your new trailer, you will have a temporary registration, which is valid for 45 days. We will go to DMV to have all of your paperwork filed. We will send your registration in the mail after we have gone to DMV. In approximately 2 months (or so) NYS will send you your title in the mail (if applicable).

“Can I transfer my old trailer plates?”

You may transfer your old trailer plates ONLY if you have your trailer registration up to date. That means, you MUST have registered it for that current year. If you have not, that plate is no longer valid. The fee to transfer plates is $10. If the trailer you are purchasing requires a title (see above if you are not sure), you still have to pay the $50 titling fee to NYS.

“Do you accept trade ins?”

Yes! We accept the trade in of TRAILERS ONLY. No campers, boats, motor vehicles, motorcycles, etc. We must see the trailer in person to give you a trade in value.

“How soon can I get my trailer?”

It honestly depends on the week/day/month etc. We try to accommodate you the best we can but sometimes the wait can be a bit longer depending on staff and how busy the shop is with appointments. Our typical turnaround time is 2 days. If your trailer is receiving many additional options, the turnaround time will be extended.

“What do your technicians do when they prep my new trailer?”

Our technicians are thoroughly trained to check all parts of your trailer. The list includes (but is not limited to in some cases):

  • Safety chains
  • Breakaway switch and cable
  • Brakes
  • Lug nuts (properly torqued)
  • Bearings
  • Tire pressure
  • Lights
  • Lubricate and check all moving parts (including doors, gates/ramps, windows, roof vents etc.)
  • Door lock (if applicable)
  • Paint and exterior
  • Deck boards/screws
  • Jack
  • Ramps
  • Interior lights
  • Coupler pin
  • Tires

They also install any additional options, mount your license plate and wash your trailer.

“What is my trailer’s warranty?”

The trailer warranty is set by the trailer company and it varies per brand. BUT, at DTW we stand behind the products that we sell. If you are having a problem that you believe is warranty related, please contact us and we will work with the trailer manufacturer directly.

“Do I need insurance on my trailer?”

If your trailer is being purchased and registered in your personal name, you do not need to have an insurance policy on your trailer. Your current vehicle insurance policy will cover your trailer as long as it is hooked on to your vehicle. If damage occurs while your trailer is not hooked to your vehicle, your trailer does not have any insurance coverage.

If you are financing your trailer, you generally need to have insurance on it. Also, if you are purchasing the trailer under a business name, you must also have an insurance policy on your new trailer.

“I have a new DTW trailer and I LOVE it! What should I do next?”

Ok- so this isn’t really asked a lot… BUT, if this is you, we would love your feedback! Please consider reviewing our company on Google, YELP, or Facebook! Also, we would love to see pictures of you using your DTW trailer! Share them with us on Facebook and Instagram! Thank you for your business and support!

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