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Outback Trading Company

Outfitting Life’s Adventures since 1983

Outback Trading Company is a leading supplier of all-weather outdoor apparel. Established in 1983, Outback Trading Company stays true to its reputation of producing durable and rugged high performing apparel. We are committed to producing hard wearing comfortable clothes for working lifestyles, as well as functional fashion apparel. Outback Trading Company has a style and fit for all.

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Standard Features

Styles Available at Davis Trailer World

Styles for Men

  • Oilskin Jackets
  • Oilskin Dusters
  • Oilskin Jackets
  • Oilskin Vests
  • Packable Rain Jackets
  • Rain Pants

Styles for Women

  • Ladies Oilskin Jackets
  • Ladies Wool Jackets
  • Packable Rain Jackets
  • Rain Pant


  • Oilskin/Leather Cowboy Hats
  • Wool Cowboy Hats