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All weathervanes by Whitehall are cast aluminum and come in either all black or hand painted with arrow, directionals, and mounting base. Available with optional Gold Globes.

We stock a large selection of weathervanes. If not in stock, we will gladly order one for you. Shipping is available to anywhere in the U.S. Please call 585.538.6640 for availability and shipping

Approximately 30″ tall x 23″ Arrow Traditional Weathervanes

Image Description Dimensions
weathervane_airplane Airplane 12"L x 8"H
weathervane_amishbuggy Amish Buggy
weathervane_blacklab Black Lab
weathervane_blueheron Blue Heron
weathervane_buck Buck 9.5"L x 10.75"H
weathervane_cardinal Cardinal
weathervane_catstanding Cat Standing
weathervane_chevy Chevy 1913
weathervane_countrydr Country Doctor
weathervane_cow Cow 11"L x 7"H
weathervane_cowboy Cowboy 9"L x 8"H
weathervane_deerandpines Deer and Pines
weathervane_duck Duck
weathervane_eagle Eagle
weathervane_elk Elk
weathervane_firewagon Fire Wagon 14.75"H x 6"H
weathervane_gargoyle Gargoyle
weathervane_germanshepard German Shepard
weathervane_goldenretriever Golden Retriever 11.5"H x 8.5"H
weathervane_golfer Golfer
weathervane_mareandcolt Horse
weathervane_hummingbird Hummingbirds 8"L x 10"H
weathervane_libertyflag Liberty Flag
weathervane_lighthouse Lighthouse
weathervane_locomotive Locomotive
weathervane_looon Loon
weathervane_mareandcolt Mare and Colt 13.5"L x 8.5"H
weathervane_moose Moose
weathervane_monarch Monarch Butterfly
weathervane_motorcycle Motorcycle 12"L x 7"H
weathervane_palmtree Palm Tree
weathervane_pelican Pelican
weathervane_pheasant Pheasant
weathervane_rooster Rooster 9"L x 9"H
weathervane_sailboat Sailboat
weathervane_schooner Schooner
weathervane_spear Spear
weathervane_squirrel Squirrel
weathervane_tractor Tractor 6"L x 8"H