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Wilson Ranch Hand Bumper Pull

A new bumper hitch stock trailer model by Wilson Trailer

With available lengths of 14′, 16′ and 18′, the Ranch Hand BH is perfect for hauling small loads of livestock. It has all the same features as the popular Ranch Hand gooseneck model but in a convenient bumper hitch style trailer. You will feel confident knowing that Wilson’s superior quality, durability and low cost of ownership has been built right into the structure of the trailer.

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  • Available Lengths: 14’, 16’, or 18’
  • Inside Height: 6’8”
  • Interior Width: 84”


  • Side patterns (including C, D, J or N style)
  • 5 different divider gate options
  • Alcoa Aluminum wheels
  • 3 different style rear ends
  • .110” thick flat tread plate floor with 6” centers
  • Interior lights
  • Running board fender deflector
  • Bump rail
  • Inside tie loops
  • Tie rail