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Wilson Foreman Gooseneck Trailer

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Lengths Available in 16 Ft through 32 Ft in 2 Ft increments with corresponding increases in GVWR plus 7 Ft gooseneck.
Width 84" 90" 93" and 99" inside widths.
Front End Radius Tapered or Beveled fronts.
Height 5'5" 6'0" 6'8" 7'0" and 7'6" inside heights.
Coupler 2-5/16" diameter ball-type with adjustable coupler height.
Spare Tire Carrier Curb side front drop.
Sides Choice of side patterns A C D F etc… (33 total side patterns available)
Floor .110" thick aluminum tread plate with 3 longitudinal corrugations. Crossbars on 12" centers.
Landing Gear 12 000 lb. drop leag with high speed crank.
Gross Vehical Weight Rating 16 000 lb. 20 000 lb. 25 000 lb. GVWR
Roof One-piece stretched aluminum.
Rear End Choice of styles A through F.
Brakes Electric Vac/Hyd or Elec/Hyd.
Brake Brake-Away Kit Accidental disconnect safety feature.
Axles 7 000 lb. 8 000 lb. or 10 000 lb. rubber torsion.
Wheels (4) 6.00 x 16 8-lug or (4) 6.75 x 17.5 8-lug.
Tires (4) 235/85R16 10-ply 215/75R17.5 16 ply rated at 4805 #'s or 235/75R17.5 16 ply rated at 6085 #'s.
Side Door (1) with lock rod latch located on driver's side.
Lights Meets or exceeds I.C.C. standards.
Interior Lights (1) Interior light on 22' models or shorter. (2) Interior lights on 24' models or longer. (2) Interior lights on 22' models and longer with deck rail. (4) Interior lights on 24' models and shorter with deck rail.
Crowd Gates Choice of style A through Q.
Nose Gates hoice of styles A through D.
Header Extruded Aluminum.
Rub Rail Extruded Alimunum with horizontal protective lip.
Finish Steel painted silver all aluminum left natural.

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