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The Ultimate 4 Wheelbarrow Dumper & Accessories

All Wheelbarrow Dumpers by Rolling Delight Wagons are made from heavy duty aluminum. This NEW ITEM is an all in one Wheelbarrow, Express Wagon, Dump Trailer, Feed Cart and more! With reinforced corners, heavy duty under frame and an easy dump it option! A handy tool for gardening, mulching, feed handling, firewood and much more!

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Image Item/Model Description
ultimatewagons_model2000 Model 2000 12 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tub 30 1/2" x 60" x 13" Deep 200 lb. capacity
ultimatewagons_model1027 Model 1027 9 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tub 27" x 48" x 13" Deep
ultimatewagons_model1000 Model 1000 6 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tub 25" x 47" x 16" Deep
ultimatewagons_wheels Optional Wheels to Fit Your Needs
ultimatewagons_combohitch Combo Hitch Handle