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Trunnion Style Weight Distribution Trailer Hitch

Heavy-duty Trunnion style Weight Distribution Hitches
Heavy-duty adjustable formed head
2″ x 2″ adjustable hitch bar
Forged solid steel spring bars
Hook up brackets
Durable EVERGLOSS Powder Coat Finish resists rust & corrosion

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What is included with a Weight Distribution Trailer Hitch?

1. Adjustable Weight Distribution Shank
2. Spring Bars
3. Adjustable Ball Mount
4. Hook-up Brackets
5. Hook-up Chains
6. Pin & Clip (not pictured)

Note: Weight Distribution Hitches DO NOT include hitch ball. Recommend 2-5/16″ A-6 or 2″ A-90 Trailer Ball.


The Function of a Weight Distribution Trailer Hitch

Provides better control of your vehicle and trailer by applying leverage across the trailer tongue and tow vehicle for heavier loads to be distributed more evenly on the trailer wheels and tow vehicle. This even distribution allows for a more stable ride and better control for braking and steering.