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Trailer Tie Downs and Straps

Securement of your load is not only for your peace of mind, but it is also the LAW. At Davis Trailer World, we have all of the trailer tie downs and straps that you need to secure and tow any type of load safely, no matter the destination. We are educated in the laws based on DOT regulations and can help you out with any type of tie down concern you have. We offer a variety of tie downs available in multiple metals (including stainless steel, steel, cast iron, and aluminum).

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Standard Features

Types of Tie Downs:

  • D-rings (weld on or bolt on)
  • Rop Rings (weld on or bolt on)
  • Recessed tie downs
  • E track (and fittings)
  • A track (and fittings)
  • L Track (and fittings)

Straps and Chains:

In stock we carry straps in a variety of lengths, with different breaking load limits, varying widths, and different hook styles. We carry straps and ratchets from the companies such as Cargo Control and Kinedyne. We also stock chains and chain binders that can be used to secure a wide range of equipment.


MBR- Minimum brake rating

WLL- working load limit

Securing your load or cargo requires some basic knowledge on laws and physics. Need help understanding them? We can help!