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Lorado Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

The LoradoTM tonneau cover features the same great quality components and construction as the respected Access Roll-Up Cover, with a new streamlined design. Featuring a low 39 degree angled rail, the LoradoTM offers you maximum protection from the elements of weather and theft while complimenting the sleek contours of your truck.

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Easy Installation
Our model specific clamps allow for easy clamp-on installation. By mounting to the inside of the truck box the LoradoTM is compatible with most truck bed accessories such as bed
rails, bed caps, tailgate protectors and under-the-rail bed liners.

Practical and Stylish
Utilizing the same patented design as our Access® roll-up cover, the roll up bar and bows quickly roll up with the cover and secure behind the cab allowing you full use of your truck box. In seconds, the straps can be released and the cover can be closed giving you a sleek and stylish addition to your truck while still protecting your truck box and its contents.

The LoradoTM doesn’t stop at practicality, it offers you a sleek and stylish design

The LoradoTM maintains the all aluminum construction, the same great UV-protected, double-coated vinyl fabric for easy rolling in any weather condition. In addition, XT DialTM Tension Adjusters provide industry leading control of the cover’s tension.

Included is an all new front Element SealTM to ensure maximum cargo protection from weather and the elements. Plus, an all new Automatic Latching System provides added security as well as smooth operation