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Shocker Hitch

Receiver Air Shocker Hitch Package
Fits standard 2″ receiver tube, 2 1/2″ shank available. Comes with 2″ & 2 5/16″ combo mount. Other mounts available on our website. Rated to 12,000 lbs towing capacity 1,200 lbs tongue weight

Tongue Mount Air Hitch (For coupler of trailer – pintle hitch)
Commonly found on flatbed trailers. Simply bolts in place of existing coupler. Excellent for contractors. Weld on channel adapter available (sold separately) – convert a trailer or when building a new trailer. Rated to 12,000 lbs towing capacity.

Gooseneck Surge Trailer Mount (Round and Square)
It comes with a 4″ ROUND tube standard. Can be ordered with a 4″ square tube, (see SKU# 910). Available with EASE GUIDE coupler or a 24K Bulldog BX1 coupler (necessary if ball is recessed in flatbed pocket or channel please call to verify dimensions). Moves trailer back 3″ Designed for hitch pocket clearance on flatbeds. This is a heavy duty hitch and will handle 24,000 lbs towing capacity 6,000 lbs tongue weight.

We at Shockerhitch set out to build a better Gooseneck Air hitch for towing large horse trailers. The Surge Hitch is designed in a way that will direct 100% of the tow forces through an air bag. This system gives a nice soft start, great for trucks with clutches, and a much smoother ride, reducing the chucking and jerking you feel. The Shockerhitch Gooseneck Surge Hitch is very easy to install and use. Simply replace existing coupler tube using basic tools, usually just a crescent wrench. The Surge Hitch is a low pressure hitch that does not require an elaborate “air system”, commonly between 20 – 30 psi does the job.

If you tow on rough roads or concrete highways, you will love this hitch.

**30 Day Money Back Guarantee Offered on All Shocker Hitch Products!!**

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