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Rapid Hitch

The revolutionary and extremely popular aluminum adjustable ball mount system.

All Rapid Hitch sizes have a 10,000 lb. GTWR and 1,500 lb. tongue weight – limited by ball capacity.

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Standard double ball features 2" and 2 5/16" balls
3 Models available: the SUV 3 1/2" drop/rise the 5 1/2" drop/rise and the 10" drop.
The standard Rapid Hitch has 11" over-all vertical adjustment 5 1/2" rise or drop.
Fully tested and cerified by an independent lab.
Fits a 2" standard receiver hitch.
Many optional balls available including: 1 7/8" x 2" combo 1 7/8" single ball 2" single ball 2 5/16" single ball
All ball sizes are available in zinc plated steel or greaseless aluminum.
Light Weight…yet extremely strong.
Anti-theft keyed locking pins available. When only the best will do…you need the Rapid Hitch – The easiest to use and most versatile ball mount system available today.

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