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The Legend Deluxe, an all-aluminum enclosed trailer, is sure to make you stand out in your neighborhood. Available in a flat front (LD) or 3′ V-Nose configuration with 6′, 7′ (DVN), or even 8′ Widths (DVN8), and our newest edition, an 8′ Wide Deluxe Snow (DS) option, the Deluxe model elevates all the features you admire in our FTV model. With enhancements like a bright polished radius top, polished accent divider strip, a deluxe fixed step at the side entry door, black locking hasps on the rear self-mating door, and attractive mesa skirting along the exterior, it’s a sight to behold. For those who prefer a more subtle look, a blackout package is available. Consistently our #1 selling cargo trailer year after year, the Legend Deluxe models are supported by the industry’s best warranty.

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