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26’+ 10’ Hydraulic DoveTail – Gooseneck Flatbed – Specialty Trailer

This is a specialty trailer manufactured in tandem with Corn Pro. It has  26’ flatbed trailer plus a 10’ hydraulic dovetail that has a special end with a 32 x 48” extension that lays flat or stands up with a double hinge. This trailer is rated at 20,000# GVW, the tail will lift with up to 5,000#, and the ramps are good for 4,000# each. It has a special flooring called black wood with a rubber inlay for traction. This specialty trailer has a self contained hydraulic pump to raise and lower the tail but also powers the 12,000# 2 speed hydraulic winch. It includes one under bed storage box on each side. The trailer was manufactured by Corn Pro, and the boxes, pump, winch, ramps and battery were built and installed at our facility. 

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