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Holland Grill – The Vintage (BH421AG8) *Currently Sold Out

BTU'S: 20 000
Cooking Hours: 21 per 20lb Tank
Shelf-to-Shelf Width: 49 1/2"
Height: 48"
Depth: 24 5/16" x 16 3/8"
Cooking Grid Dimensions: 104 lbs
Shipping Weight: 84 lbs
Approved Orifice Sizes:#55 for propane; #48 for natural gas

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  • Grill temperature thermometer in the lid
  • Solid one-piece steel base
  • Wood chip drawer for smoking
  • Rotary spark ignition system
  • Powder-coated aluminum bottom shell for long life
  • Aluminum sizzle tray
  • Stainless Steel deflector plate
  • Cast iron burner with a lifetime warranty
  • Stainless Steel expanded metal cooking grid with a lifetime warranty
  • Two large wheels for easy mobility
  • Burner access panel

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