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High-Rise Series Truck Caps

We have a full selection of truck caps / truck covers and other truck accessories from Jeraco Enterprises, Inc. Please contact us to order or for more information on any of these products.


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Standard Features:
Lifetime limited warranty Reinforced fiberglass structure
Premium unfilled resin Reinforced base rail
Front picture window Dual lock rear door (Not Avail. on Supreme)
Tempered safety glass Privacy glass package
Side sliding screened radius windows (Not Avail. on Supreme) 12 Volt dome light
Recessed L.E.D. Brake light Base coat / clear coat finish
Gas filled door cylinders
Optional Features:
Tilt-Down Picture Window Front Ports (Mid- and High-Rise Only) 
Tilt-Down Sliding Window Front Sliding Window (Supreme Only)
Side Ports (High-Rise Only) No Side Windows (Not Avail. on Supreme) 
Carpeted Headliner Plastic Clothes Rack
Radius Side Doors (Not Avail. on Supreme) Metal Clothes Rod
Additional 12 Volt Dome Light Covered Radius Side Doors (Not Avail. on Supreme)
Battery Dome Light Additional Battery Dome Light
Metal Covered Rear Door (Not Avail. on Supreme) Long Blocks
Yakima Adjustable Roof Rack Yakima Stationary Roof Rack
Fiberglass Panel Rear Door (Not Avail. on Supreme) Pannon Adjustable Roof Rack
Single Bay Window (Mid- and High-Rise Only) Pannon Stationary Roof Rack
Perrycraft Roof Rack Double Bay Windows (Mid- and High-Rise Only)