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The flagship of our trailer collection now comes with a tandem walking arm alternative. Featuring an impressive 1800-pound load capacity, the Polar HD Max TA trailer is capable of transporting virtually any cargo across even the most challenging terrains. Equipped with a robust, detachable rotating tailgate, it ensures a more efficient dumping process compared to similar models. Easily position the trailer, release the tailgate, and unload your payload precisely where it’s required.

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Load Capacity: 1800 lbs.
Load Size: 27 Cubic Feet
Heaped Load Size: 32 Cubic Feet
Overall Dimensions: 92″ x 64″ x 39″
Overall Weight: 280 lbs.
Body Dimensions: 65″ x 47″ x 17″
Tire Size: 20” x 8” – 8

High-impact polyethylene tub is rugged, durable, easy-to-clean, and will never rust
20-minute assembly
All-steel frame with powder coat finish resistant to rusting
Lightweight optimum balance makes hauling heavy loads easy and stable
Sealed ball bearings – no greasing needed
Hands-free dumping with quick release foot controlled tipper latch
Original tilt and pivot frame allows for a perfect directional payload dump
Extra clearance with pass-through axle
Heavy duty removable tailgate for cleaner dumping of payload