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FCH8018 FlatTrack Knuckled A-Frame Car & Equipment Hauler 80 x 18

Knuckled A-Frame

Our 8 models fall into 2 main categories: the rigid A-frame series and the knuckled A-frame series. The rigid A-frame design (FRH series) provides a super-low load angle while the knuckled A-frame design (FCH series) allows the trailer bed to lie flat on the ground.

Agile as a cat
This agile cat’s hydraulic lift cylinders travel extra far. The bed lifts high, so high in fact that you won’t have trouble with the fenders interfering. Watch the FlatTrak get to work, stretching its lean frame to lie flat or lift high.

A smooth experience
Who doesn’t love a sleek ride? Each wheel of the FlatTrak has its own independent suspension adding a nice touch of smooth to your ride. You won’t look back.

Fender clearance for real
Do you enjoy parking in a tight space and being forced to squeeze out to avoid scratching the door? The FlatTrak’s hydraulic lift cylinders offer an increased bed height, giving your door a clear open over the trailer wheel fenders.

Life without loading head-aches
Whether you haul stump grinders, sweepers, man lifts, or compact rollers, or unload your trailers using forklifts or pallet jacks, a trailer that lies flat is wonderful news.

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3/16” Steel Diamond Plate Deck

80” Clear Deck Width

Durable Anti-Slip Deck Coating

Innovative Torsion Bar Suspension

14ga Diamond Plate Fenders

Mod Wheels and Radial Tires

2 5/16” Adjustable Coupler

12K Top Wind, Bolt-on Drop Leg Jack

Dexter Self-Adjusting Electric Brakes

High-Quality Urethane Paint Primer and Topcoat

Sealed Phillips Modular Wiring Harness

Grommet-Mounted LED Lights

Lockable A-Frame Toolbox

Weld On D-Rings

Onboard Battery Charger

Additional D-Rings

Lodar Wireless Remote

Spare Tire Mount

Front Rock Guard

Winch Mount

30” Solid Sides

12k Hydraulic Jack

Aluminum Wheels

Spare Tire and Wheel

Adjustable Pintle Ring

5-Watt Solar Panel Charger