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Featherlite Horse Trailer Model 8541 (Gooseneck)

Model 8541 is the industry’s most versatile horse trailer. It is available with widths of 7′ 0″ and 7′ 6″. Standard dressing room sizes range from 36″ to 113″. With these and many other options, Model 8541 is Featherlite’s most popular horse trailer.

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Product Description

Hitch Type Gooseneck
Load Type Slant
Width 7' 0" or 7' 6"
Length Ranges from 15' 0" to 33' 5"
Horse Stalls 2-6-horse
Stall Width 40"
Dressing Room Size 36" 52" 77" 101" or 113" short wall
Inside Height 7' 0"
Exterior Sides White .040 aluminum exterior sheets with bottom "Wave" side panels
Rear Doors Double rear doors with windows pressure latch and removable post
Escape Door Side unlaod door on 3H 4H 5H and 6H
Windows Drop down feed door with drop down bars in front of each horse; 24" x 20" window with bars behind each horse
Tack Area Folding rear tack
Living Quarters Available with living quarters
Stall Dividers Slant dividers with shoulder separator and spring-loaded; recessed slam latch
Warranty 8-year limited structural
Additional Features
Saddle Rack Adjustable saddle rack with blanket bar for each horse mounted on removable post; extra location for post in dressing room
Rubber on Walls Rubber up 48" on wall behind horses and up 45" on wall in front of horses
Floor Mats 3/4" rubber mats in horse area
Roof Vents One pop-up roof vent per horse
Dome Lights Dome light in horse area rear tack and two in dressing room
Dressing Room 36" deluxe camper door; 5' clothes rod; turf on floor; wall and gooseneck floor; brush tray
Tie Rings Five inside tie rings per horse and one outside tie ring per horse
Axles Two rubber torsion axles with electric brakes / 2H = 4800#; 3H = 5200#; 4H = 6000#; 5H and 6H = 7000#
Tire/Rim 3H 4H 5H and 6H = 16" 8-hole silver modular wheels with ST235/85R16 Load Range E tires (Qty: 4) / 2H = 16" 8-hole silver modular wheels with ST/235/85R16 Load Range D tires (Qty: 4)
Exterior Lights LED clearance lights and 4 wraparound LED stop/turn lights
Tapered Gooseneck Standard
Gravel Guard N/A
Color Options
Blue Featherlite_Blue
Black Featherlite_Black
Silver Featherlite_Silver
Red Featherlite_Red
Mocha Tan Featherlite_MochaTan
Exterior Graphic Options
Blue/Grey Vinyl Graphics (Gooseneck) Featherlite_bluegreybumper
Green/Grey Vinyl Graphics (Gooseneck) Featherlite_greengreybumper
Red/Grey Vinyl Graphics (Gooseneck) Featherlite_redgreybumper
Silver/Grey Vinyl Graphics (Gooseneck) Featherlite_silvergreybumper
Tan/Grey Vinyl Graphics (Gooseneck) Featherlite_tangreybumper

Popular Options
Boot Box Add a boot box to your dressing room for additional storage space
Butt or Chest Bar Butt or chest bar with padding on curbside or streetside
Electric Assist Landing Gear Make stabilizing the trailer easier with an electric assist for the landing gear
Feed Bag Feed bag with 3 tie rings
Halogen Load Light with Switch 12-volt halogen load light with a switch makes loading easier
Interior L.E.D. Strip Lighting Stylish L.E.D. interior strip lighting makes the horse area brighter
Painted Roof Rail Add an extra sylish touch to your trailer with a painted roof rail; various colors available including black red and yellow
Platinum Edition Package Platinum Edition Package features horse and horse owner-friendly features. Package available with or without turf on slant wall and these items: White lined and insulated ceiling in horse area Stall pads Rear load lights with switch
Polished 'Wave' Side Panels Add 'wow' to the trailer with polished 'wave' side panels
Raised Hay Rack Raised 6' long hay rack with ladder
Rear Ramp Behind Double Doors Add a fold up rear ramp behind the trailer's double doors to make loading easier for those horses who need it
Removable Bottom Half Divider The removable bottom half divider is popular with horse owners wanting to create a makeshift tack area with one of the trailer's horse stalls
Stainless Steel or Smooth Skin Exterior Model 8541 (Gooseneck) comes standard with Featherlite's 'wave' side panels on the trailer's bottom. You can also opt for a smooth skin (shown) or stainless steel exterior
Swing Out Saddle Rack New swing out saddle rack makes accessing saddles easier
Tri-level Blanket Bar Featherlite's tri-level blanket bar gives you more storage for your tack
Walk Through Aluminum Door 24" walk through aluminum door for slant load models
White Lining on Ceiling in Horse Area White .040 aluminum lining on ceiling creates a brighter interior for horses; lining is screwed to all posts
Wrapped Hay Rack 6 ft. long hay rack with ladder is wrapped to match trailer color