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Featherlite Car Hauler – Model 4926

Bumper Pull, Enclosed Standard Aluminum

Car hauler model 4926 is shown with optional white aluminum lining, L-shaped cabinets, and plastic access door.

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Hitch Type Bumper Pull
Enclosed/Open Enclosed
Length 16" 18' 20' 22' 24' 26' 28' 30' and 32'
Width 8'6"
Wall to Wall Width 92-3/8"
Fender to Fender Width 81"
Inside Height 6' 6"
Loading Height 18"
Axles 2 rubber torsion axles with electric brakes; 16' 18' and 20'=3500# and 24'=4800# 26' and 28'=5200# 30' and 32'=7000#
Tire/Rim 16' 18' and 20'=15" 5-hole silver modular wheels with ST205/75R15
Load Range C Tires (Qty: 4); 22' and 24'=15" 6-hole silver modular wheels with =T225/75R15
Load Range D tires (Qty: 4); 26'
28' 30' and 32'=16" 8-hole silver modular wheels with ST235/85R16
Load Range E tires (Qty: 4)
Tie Downs Stainless steel swivel D rings (Qty: 4)
Floor Smooth extruded aluminum floor
Side Door 36" deluxe camper door with deadbolt and screen
Ramp Full height and width ramp with cable assist and pressure latches; beaver tail; Available with 6' nose option and front ramp (great for snowmobiles)
Warranty 8-year limited structural

18 inch Full Width Ramp Extension Axle and Hub Upgrades
6 foot Nose with Ramp, Cable Assist Cabinets
6 foot Rear Ramp Extension Set Interior LED Strip Lighting
6000# Winch with Remote Control Lighting/Electrical Upgrades
7 foot Inside Height Plastic Fuel Door (for snowmobiles)
Airliner Track of Aluminum E Track White Aluminum or Laminate Lining
Aluminum Treadplate on Ramp

More Options:
Height can be raised 6″ for street car hauler with 5.5″ beavertail; Height can be lowered 2.25″ for dry freight hauler. Click for diagram.

Blue Featherlite_Blue
Black Featherlite_Black
Silver Featherlite_Silver
Red Featherlite_Red
Mocha Tan Featherlite_MochaTan