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EBY Wrangler Livestock Trailer

Featuring EBY’s hallmark quality and styling! Unmatched versatility in a production trailer with a wider choice of widths, heights and custom options.

• 16’to 26′ lengths, slant-load or straight-load, dual-axle or tri-axle, punch panel or slat side

EBY Wrangler Trailer Brochure

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Standard Features

Impressive Standard Features

  • Full swing with 1/2 sliding backend
  • Double pan gate, heavy duty extruded frame, pipe hinge
  • Inside / Outside release latch
  • Durable 4″ Heavy Duty aluminum hinge for rear door
  • Lockable stainless steel latch for slider door
  • Tapered nose with extruded corner posts
  • Cast aluminum rear corners

Popular options

  • 7′ Inside height
  • Rolling gate
  • 1/2 sliding or hinged pass through doors in interior gates
  • Spare wheel and tire
  • Plexiglas closures
  • Aluminum closures
  • Belly vents
  • Nose Vents

Maverick trailers also are available with convenient option packages

  • Combo Package
    • Converts existing 4′ of trailer into tack room which includes a permanent straight wall, sealed camper door, windows in the nose, and an inside light with seperate switch
  • Trophy Package
    • Includes Black Panels on side of nose, Stainless Steel front corners, polished aluminum corner caps, inside and outside tie rail, extra light package, 1/2 sliding pass throughdoor in center divider
  • Trophy Plus Package
    • Trophy package with a rolling gate in lieu of the std permanent gate
  • Final Drive Package
    • Trophy package with 48″ wide drop ramp curbside and escape door roadside, Rolling gate in addition to std. gate, loading light over ramp.

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