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EBY Victory II Gooseneck Horse Trailer (Not Currently Available)

An advanced, technologically bonded exterior combined with EBY’s proven riveted interior give Victory II trailers their sleek style and unmatched durability. Large stalls and windows for your horses’ comfort, plus generously proportioned tack room for efficient operation.

• 2 Horse Straight Load Configuration

• 2+1 Horse Configuration

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Impressive Standard Features

  • Aluminum rivets and stainless steel mechanical 
  • Advanced technological bond for a smooth exterior
  • Simple snap latches for breast bar, tail bar and divider release
  • LED dual-intensity fender light for enhanced safety
  • Running board with punched holes for better traction
  • Stainless steel t-bar holds back and keeps door open
  • Ramp hinge with one-handed lifting; non-skid ramp
  • Perforated interior tack room door with panel for air flow
  • High-density polyethylene shoulder divider
  • Lift out chest and tail bars; high-density polyethylene wall liners

Popular Options

  • Easy-to-remove and place head shield with soft edges
  • Feed bag
  • Window in tack wall
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Indoor / Outdoor carpet on nose floor and drop sheet
  • 12 Volt Fans and Insulated / Lined Ceiling