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EBY Gooseneck Pacesetter Trailer for Race Horses (Not Currently Available)

Designed to handle the grueling demands in the transport of standardbred racehorses, EBY’s Pacesetter trailer is the best choice for stable owners, breeders and commercial transporters. Inside storage for race bike or jog cart – roof storage option.

• 2-horse to 9-horse models

Available in standard configurations of:

Custom configurations available up to 9 horses

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Ground Load Punch Patterns

  • Full width drop ramp with dutch doors above
  • Standard rear race bike carrier is durable and easy to use
  • Rubber lined interior with heavy rubber on kick wall
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Split Side Door
  • Roof Race Bike Carrier, railing with tie loops and a ladder
  • Custom stripe colors to match your stable colors
  • Gray pre-painted aluminum side sheets