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EBY FLEX Landscaping Truck Body

EBY’s all aluminum landscape bodies are light weight, durable, and attractive. EBY landscape bodies are built for a variety of chassis. Available in custom and standard configurations.

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Introducing the EBY FLEX Landscaping Body at Davis Trailer World

The All Aluminum EBY FLEX features strong, lightweight side and rear panels that can be removed in seconds, turning you landscaping truck into a flatbed. We added a cab protector with room on top for 2 wheelbarrows, and plenty of points to tie them down. The tarp is also standard equipment, and is tucked out of the way when you don’t need it. The Harsh hoist and our custom-designed sub-frame complete a dump assembly that’s the best in the business.

Truck Body Specifications

  • 9’4” for 60” CA Cab Chassis
  • 11’4” for 84” CA Cab Chassis
  • 39” high sides
  • Spring Loaded Mesh Tarp
  • Electric Double Acting Hoist
  • Removable Sides and Rear Swing Barn Doors are Also Removable
  • Cab Protector with Wheelbarrow Storage
  • Backpacks and Chipper Tops Available