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EBY EDGE Landscaping Truck Body

EBY’s all aluminum landscape bodies are light weight, durable, and attractive. EBY landscape bodies are built for a variety of chassis. Available in custom and standard configurations.

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Introducing the EBY EDGE Landscaping Truck Body

The EBY EDGE all-aluminum landscape body is a hard-working, heavy-duty body that weighs 30% less than steel bodies. Less body weight means you can haul more per load, saving you real money on fuel. We build the body with a variety of rear door options and lots of choices in back-pack or underbelly toolboxes. We support it with steel ICC bumpers and hitches and the best dump hoists and hydraulics in the business. And, we finish it with the care and craftsmanship that has made EBY famous.


  • Sizes up to 24’ available
  • 96” wide, 102” available
  • 42” High Single Wall Construction, Can Be Customized
  • Spring-loaded or Electric Tarp
  • 3/16 All Aluminum Floor, Can Be Upgraded to ¼”
  • Customizable Cab Guards Available
  • Backpacks and Chipper Tops Available