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EBY Deck-Over Equipment Trailer

Super-sturdy yet lightweight for easier maneuvering and better miles-per-gallon. 102” deck width (including pockets and rub rail). Two ramps standard with multiple ramp options. Other options include A-frame lockable toolbox, spare tire and 8K-lb. winch with mounting plate.

• 10K & 14K GVW, 18’, 20’ & 24’8″ lengths

Deck Over 10K Brochure and Specs

Deck Over 14k Brochure and Specs

Deck Over 25.9K Brochure and Specs

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Impressive Standard Features

  • Extruded aluminum plank flooring
  • Top Wind jack on 10K Trailers
  • Side wind jack on 14K Trailers
  • 10K Tie Down
  • 14K Tie Down
  • Stake Pocket and Rub Rail
  • Heavy Walled Pipe Hinge
  • Smooth Transition from ramp to bed
  • Aluminum Ramp 

Popular Options

  • Fold Flat Ramps
  • Bi-fold ramps
  • Spare Wheel and Tire
  • A Frame Tool Box
  • Auxiliary Battery and Box
  • Winch