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Custom Built Specialty Truck Beds

Custom Built Specialty Truck Beds:

If you can dream it, we can build it. We have built many custom truck beds with tons of different and unique options. If you are pondering a truck bed that is far from the ordinary, we can bring your ideas to life!

Check out the pictures that include a one of a kind brush truck for Scottsville Fire Department and a burial vault truck customized for Ideal, both of which started with an Aluma Truck Bed.

Dump Body by Tafco (Scott):

The Contractor’s all aluminum construction features double walled fold down sides and tailgate for all types of loading and unloading. Front bulkhead tubes are welded into the platform corner and gusseted for extra strength.The solid rear corners give side and end gate stability and house large stop, tail and turn lights for extra safety and visibility.

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