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Corn Pro Horse Trailer

CornPro maintains standards of construction quality unsurpassed in the industry. Whether you’re handling horses or cattle, or hauling machinery, you’ll find your CornPro trailer to be both convenient in operation and durable in the long run.

Corn Pro offers the Horse Trailer Package to be added on any stock trailer (Gooseneck or Bumper pull). The company offers either a Straight Load Combo package (up to 20′ length) or a Slant Load package (2-4 horse). Check it out today! Contact us with questions and for pricing!

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Corn Pro Horse Trailer

Standard Features

Straight Load Package:

  • Solid enclosed escape door
  • Tie loops – inside (in front of each horse)
  • Outside tie loops
  • Dome light in horse compartment
  • Smooth skin with plexiglass track
  • Manger with tack area
  • Two feed doors
  • Two tack doors
  • Removable head and body divider with butt bars

Slant Load Package:

  • Solid enclosed door
  • Tie loops (inside and in front of each horse)
  • Outside tie loops
  • Dome lights in the horse compartment and tack room
  • Smooth skin with plexiglass track
  • Removable slant dividers
  • Removeable swinging tack room wall
  • Enclosed tack room
  • Removable 4-position saddle rack
  • Bridle hooks
  • Solid enclosed rear gate to the bottom of the roof radius

Corn Pro Horse Trailer


Specifications Available lengths (Bumper) Available Lengths (GN)
Straight Load Combo 12’ – 20’ N/A
2 Horse Slant 14’ – 20’ 14’ – 24’
3 Horse Slant 18’ – 20’ 16’ – 24’
4 Horse Slant 20’ 20’ – 24’

Corn Pro Horse Trailer

Additional Options

Slant load package only:

  • Heavier dividers with slam latches
  • Solid tack room wall
  • Camper door
  • Pass through door in fixed wall
  • Axle options
  • Tie loops
  • 5 color options (Red, Pewter, Black, Arizona Beige, Gray)