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Aluma Tow Behind Motorcycle Trailer Series

Do you travel a lot on your motorcycle and constantly not have enough room for all your baggage? Aluma has the solution to your problem! The tow behind motorcycle (MCT) is perfect for any biker, standard with a lockable lid, luggage rack, LED lights and gas-cylinder assisted lid. This trailer is offered in 2 sizes, MCT and MCTXL. The MCT has a volume of 13.4 cubic feet and the MCTXL offers a volume of 17.5 cubic feet. This trailer is available in many colors to match majority of bikes! Aluma offers a standard 5 year warranty on all of their trailers. Check out the MCT and MCTXL today!

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Aluma Tow Behind Motorcycle Trailer Series

Standard Features

Overall Length 85" 97"
Overall Width 45" 45"
Bed Length 45" 57"
Bed Width 27" 27"
Bed Height 16" 16"
Approx. Weight 180# 210#
Rubber Torsion AX Quantity 600# – no brake 5 year warranty 600# – no brake 5 year warranty
Alum Star Wheel 12" 12"
Tire Capacity 780# 780#
Lighting LED lighting package LED lighting package
Safety Chains yes yes

Aluma Tow Behind Motorcycle Trailer Series


Black Aluma_black
Brandy Wine Aluma_brandywine
Indigo Blue Aluma_indigoblue
Metallic Charcoal Aluma_charcoal
Metallic Forest Green Aluma_forestgreen
Orange Aluma_orange
Pewter Aluma_pewter
Polar White Aluma_polarwhite
Victory Red Aluma_red
Yellow Aluma_yellow