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Full Service Repair | Davis Trailer World

At Davis Trailer World, it’s not self service, its full service.
We offer a wide variety of services in all of the departments in our store.

Full Service Shop: We have a large 6 bay shop with expert technicians, up to date tools, and the most current information needed for almost any job, big or small. Here is an example of jobs that we do on a daily basis in our shop. We continue to complete more unique tasks/jobs every day, so please feel free to ask about any project you are dreaming of!

  • Installation of all items we sell including but not limited to hitches, brake controllers, covers, caps, truck beds, lights and more.
  • Annual service work on any trailer. We recommend these should be done yearly on any trailer.
    • Trailer should be placed on jack stands, remove wheels and hubs. Wash and clean bearings, lube, inspect and adjust brakes ( repair or replace worn parts) inspect bearings for wear or heat discoloration, replace if in doubt. When bearings are replaced it is common practice to replace bearing cone also.
    • Look over entire frame and chassis, prep and paint worn areas, repair any cracks or damaged parts.
    • Service all moving parts, lubricate them.
    • Check, repair or replace door seals.
    • Inspect floor and under structure.
    • Aluminum trailers should be acid washed if any corrosion is evident.
    • Check all fasteners, replace if worn.
    • Be sure all load securement components are sound and properly anchored.
    • Give the trailer a good overall look, repair/replace anything needed.
  • NYS inspections (required yearly in NYS)
  • Electrical work – vehicle and trailer
  • Tires- repair, change, balance
  • Axle, suspension, brake repair
  • Custom interiors
  • Welding and fabrication (steel and aluminum)
  • Collision work (trailers only)



  • Title work (including registration, plating, inspection etc.) is completed for the purchase of any new or used trailer.
  • Towing 101- when you purchase a trailer from us, we make sure you are comfortable towing your trailer, loading and unloading your trailer, hooking your trailer up to the vehicle and any other questions you may have!
  • DOT regulations are well known by our sales and parts department. We can help you meet all codes and laws in any of your towing needs.